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  • 100,000UGX

    Introducing selenite charging bowls. You can now charge anything with intentions of wellness, peace and prosperity by simply sitting them in the selenite charging bowl or placing them very close to it. Selenite has a very high frequency, and it aids in multiplying the frequency of other crystals as well as non-crystal items. You don’t have to wait for the full moon in vain anymore, because the charging bowl will give your crystals a fresh energy. You can also place the bowl next to a bottle of water or food to charge it and use it for whatever intention you attach to it.

    Selenite is also self cleansing and charging, however, you can burn herbs like sage and incense over and below it to keep its energy in a better condition. You can also sit it under the full moon occasionally. Minimize contact with water as selenite can melt when exposed to liquids. Keep the selenite dust-free and sparkly for best results.