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  • 300,000UGX

    Lightens up the aura of the room

    Helps with people who deal with insomnia, sleep paralysis, nightmares and those who are going through psychic attack

    Protective stone

    Improves quality of sleep and activates your intuitive abilities

    Calms down the mental and emotional energy of those in the room with the lamp on

  • 50,000UGX

    Spiritual protection


    Healing mental and physical health

    Integrating yin and yang

    Blood detoxification

    Strength and Vitality

  • 50,000UGX

    Labradorite bracelets✨
    Are you on a journey to heal yourself through deep self discovery? Are you ready to cut cords with physical and spiritual attachments that are no longer serving you? Do you intend to protect and improve your vibration? The labradorite is the stone for you. It unlocks your intuition and allows you to dig deeper for divine guidance. Note that working with the labradorite will require you to be vulnerable, so open yourself up to softness and allow your true, most authentic self to be free. Make peace with being at peace.

  • 80,000UGX

    Clears blockages in the energy field  to direct high-frequency energy into the body to stimulate physical healing

    Charges other crystals

    Promotes peace and calm

    Stone for fidelity

    Highest vibrational stone

  • 70,000UGX

    Sensuality and self confidence

    Promoting warm and positive thoughts

    Good luck and abundance

    Flexibility through change(flowing with the waves)

    Good for women (pregnancy, menstruation, menopause)

    Tapping into your feminine energy