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Green Aventurine Bracelets

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Good luck, heart healing, new opportunities, nature connection

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Green Aventurine is as abundant as its color. Renown for its ability to attract prosperity and good luck, this is definitely the stone for embracing a stable flow of wealth into your life. The green aventurine is also good for healing and releasing past torments in order to move forward with love.

1 review for Green Aventurine Bracelets

  1. Kente

    This is literally my favorite crystal for abundance!! I wear it daily as a bracelet and I know everything I spend I’ll get back tenfold. I never lack and if I do, I know it’s not for long. It’s also great for heart healing I didn’t even notice when I started getting over a situation I thought would affect me permanently. It was one of my first crystals and I feel like it protects heart.

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