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Rose Quartz Raw Stone Pendant

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2 reviews for Rose Quartz Raw Stone Pendant

  1. Brenda

    I bought this to attract love into my life. I’ll start by saying…this is going to sound weird but i noticed that I’d walk into a bar and literally have so many people walk up to me. And on a more personal level, I have attracted serious love offers from men I meet, and although i haven’t yet decided on who to be with, I know my crystal had a part in it.

    • healingwithnam (store manager)

      Ouuu. An overflow of love. I love it! Congratulations and to even more love🥂
      Thanks for sharing this experience my dear

  2. Iryn

    I’m more happier person
    I don’t spend my days in sadness like I did before I got the rose quartz
    I react differently and more calmly if any challenges come my way. I feel more in love with myself and love for those around me too.
    I’m just thirsty for these crystals😅😅😅

    • healingwithnam (store manager)

      I’m happy to hear this! Thank you for putting in the work to ensure you heal. And we have as many as you want. Shop away😍😍

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