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Amazonite Raw Stone

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Clear communication, solace, Healthy lifestyle, balance


Welcome to another session of throat chakra healing, this time with the amazonite crystal. Throat chakra work is so important because our expression plays a big role in how we process emotion. The Amazonite opens and activates the throat chakra making it easier for us to get in touch with our inner child, speak our truth and heal generational patterns. Doing throat chakra work also aids in curing throat ailments since every disease is a reflection of our bodily energy.

Amazonite also balances our feminine and masculine energy and harmonizes our intuition with our intellect, helping us to take intuitive action.

Put the amazonite on your throat during meditation, carry it with you and speak your desires into the amazonite to bring them to fruition.

Also place next to phones and computers to block electromagnetic emanations.

This stone is also supportive when you’re embarking on a new health journey

2 reviews for Amazonite Raw Stone

  1. Kente (verified owner)

    I bought this stone today and let me tell you, i started bawling my eyes out when i was activating it. I bought it to help with healing inner child wounds and when I got to that part, I started getting downloads about doing better by my inner child and the wounds I need to heal. 10/10 stone❤️ It was a last minute purchase and I don’t regret it💕

    • healingwithnam (store manager)

      Agreed! Amazonite is quite intense with its revelations. It’s a good thing the stone always comes at a time when we are ready to create space for emotions we intend to heal.

  2. Kente (verified owner)

    I bought this right before a creative writing workshop I had to attend. It’s all about creativity, expressing yourself through words, and communicating with groups of people (strangers) I was so scared before I went, so I bought the sodalite to give me courage and to open my throat and sacral chakra. I wore them every single day. I was the youngest in the workshop, with probably the least experience, but by the second day, the facilitator knew my name because I was contributing so much. I had something to say for every book we sampled. When it came to writing, I went from not touching this book idea I’ve had since 2018 to writing 4000 words, creating wonderful characters, finding a perfect ending and story. Sodalite and amazonite are that girl!!!! If you need to express yourself through words, or speaking, wear them courageously and you’ll see a side of yourself you didn’t know existed. I will never take them off!🫶🏾❤️

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