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Black Obsidian- Clear Quartz Candle

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For protection and purification of energy. Light this candle with intentions of clearing negative energy, promoting a more focused mental approach to any situation, to tap into your intuitive abilities, as well as to channel protection into your life.

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Scent:  Cinnamon

Weight: 120g

Burning Time: 18hours

Diameter: 7cm

Height: 4cm


1 review for Black Obsidian- Clear Quartz Candle

  1. Kente

    This candle combined with the black obsidian tower will make you feel like you are safe and protected by your guides at all times. I love how cared/ looked out for I feel whenever they are near me or with me. I use this candle to pray for my entire family to always be safe from negative energy, evil eye and any curses, generational or otherwise sent to us.

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