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Green Aventurine – Citrine Candle

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Original price was: 60,000UGX.Current price is: 50,000UGX.

A combination of two vibrant and prosperous energies. Use this candle to manifest self confidence, love, heart healing, wealth, good career opportunities and grounding. This will also strengthen your connection to nature.


Scent: Tangerine

Weight: 120g

Burning Time:  18hours

Diameter: 7cm

Height: 4cm


1 review for Green Aventurine – Citrine Candle

  1. Kente

    Listen, you need this candle for when you are manifesting wealth, abundance, prosperity, good luck. It won’t fail you ever. It hasn’t failed me. Things take time but whenever I sit down to write my gratitude list, I’ll check off something I manifested using this candle. Also, they smell great.

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