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Heart shaped pendants


Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love, Soothing, Nourishing and Romance

Amethyst – Spiritual insight, psychic protection, courage, grief support, insomnia healing

Green Aventurine – Good luck, prosperity. new opportunities, heart healing

Citrine – Wealth, Enhanced Career Prospects, Manifestation, Self Esteem

Clear Quartz – Psychic abilities, enhanced intuition, mental clarity, magnified energy

Black obsidian – Strength, Support during changes, everyday stress relief, clears negative energy

Dalmatian – Attracting loyalty, healing negative thought patterns, emotional peace, connection to animals

Red jasper – Grounding, determination, healing anger, following instinct

Snowflake obsidian -Self belief, guts over fear, clearing paths for good opportunity to unfold, inner balance, intuitive connection

Sodalite – Clear Expression, Heightened intuition, self trust & confidence, healing throat ailments

Sunstone/sandstone- Authenticity, luck, good fortune, creativity, freedom and independence.

Lapis lazuli – Prophetic dreams, releasing anger, serenity, grace

Adorning yourself with crystals is a perfect way to bond with their energy



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