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Clear Expression, Heightened intuition, self-trust & confidence, healing throat ailments

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1 review for Sodalite

  1. Kente (verified owner)

    I bought this right before a creative writing workshop I had to attend. It’s all about creativity, expressing yourself through words, and communicating with groups of people (strangers) I was so scared before I went, so I bought the sodalite to give me courage and to open my throat and sacral chakra. I wore them every single day. I was the youngest in the workshop, with probably the least experience, but by the second day, the facilitator knew my name because I was contributing so much. I had something to say for every book we sampled. When it came to writing, I went from not touching this book idea I’ve had since 2018 to writing 4000 words, creating wonderful characters, finding a perfect ending and story. Sodalite and amazonite are that girl!!!! If you need to express yourself through words, or speaking, wear them courageously and you’ll see a side of yourself you didn’t know existed. I will never take them off!🫶🏾❤️

    • healingwithnam (store manager)

      This is beautiful and mind-blowing. I love how you picked out the perfect combination for throat chakra work. You’re doing great😄 Also, rooting for you while you bring your idea to fruition! 🥳

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