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Ocean Mala Pendant


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Ocean jasper mala pendantđź’™

A crystal mala pendant is a collection of crystal beads and a pendant that are worn for purposes of instilling zen energy within the wearer. Malas are commonly used for meditation and reciting powerful mantras repeatedly, equating to the number of beads.

The ocean jasper mala is a cocktail of ocean stones that aid in instilling inner peace, emotional healing, offering spiritual enlightenment, intuitive protection, opening one up to deeper spiritual insight, and healing communication barriers

The ocean jasper mala is intended to bring you qualities that you’d seek at a water body, and can also be best used by carrying it to a significant water source to recite prayers of healing and abundance or set intentions for your life.


•Hold during meditation

•Wear during yoga

•Recite a healing mantra equivalent to the number of beads on the mala

•Wear it when you are doing spiritual work like cleansing, saging, creating vision boards, etc

•Wear to call back your power and protect your aura


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