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Rose Quartz Ring

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Harmony and balance

Attracting love



2 reviews for Rose Quartz Ring

  1. Claire

    I absolutely loved my rose quartz. I got it during a time I was struggling with self-love. There is a way this stone immediately boosts your mind and love energy, suddenly I knew how I wanted to love and be loved and made drastic changes that involved me removing whatever wasn’t serving me. My life is a whole lot lighter because I know what love doesn’t feel like and what it feels like.

    Interestingly, this stone found its way to sister in law who I really believe deserved it at the time. I had to buy another of my own.

    I need to note that while ordering for stones next. I wanted to get clear quartz but I kept mistyping to “rose quartz”, then when I tried to make an exchange, I forgot the stone at home haha. The stone chose me because, during that time, I needed it and I don’t disagree. That’s the power of the stone.

  2. Diana

    Got the rose quartz raw stone for self love and ever since then it’s much easier to put myself first, believe that I am worthy of all the good things I desire and it has really helped me sieve my friendships and relationships, I am no longer setting myself on fire to keep other people warm, I am prioritizing my well being, manifesting real and pure forms of love, my self love affirmations are coming to life! I am really in a happy place☺️

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