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Venus, the planet of love moved into Cancer and will be there till August 11. This can potentially be a good thing!

Venus governs how we love, what we are attracted to, and how we prefer to be loved. Cancer is all about the home and family, which means that with Venus moving into Cancer, your relationship could be moved to the next level. This can literally mean committing to someone or becoming more close to your partner in ways that enable you to nurture each other. Making a home in each other or moving into a home together can also be a possibility. 

Also, this is baby making season. Your S/O could be contemplating babies😁 If you’re not ready for that, take precaution.

The downside of this transit is feeling a strong need for companionship that you end up committing on impulse or lowering your standards for a little warmth at night. You can subside this need by rediscovering the spaces where you feel the safest and familiarizing yourself with them, reaching out to people that understand your love language like friends & family, and by pacing your relationship so that your decision to commit is also rooted in logic.

But with Cancer energy still in the air, you can use this opportunity to manifest genuine companionship in a romantic or platonic form. The world is your canvas. Make a wish!

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