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Mars stationed in Aries on 24th May 2022 and will be there until the 5th of July 2022. This means that the planet of Mars will be in its home sign of Aries for about a month and ahalf. This is what we mean when we say a planet is domicile.

Now I know I’ve previously talked about the downside of this transit, but it’s not all bad things! It is a time of increased energy and so much more.

Besides war, rage, and the ego, Mars rules passion, drive and sexual activity as well. So if you haven’t felt it already, this season will be signified by that! You might even fall in love, rediscover your sensual spark, have bursts of creativity when working, or enjoy your relationship more.

If you’re usually the shy type, you might step out of your comfort zone this season and mingle. Mars also rules our solar plexus which governs confidence, so you could also throw yourself into leadership.

You’ll have more energy and things to do than usual, so making schedules will enable you to efficiently manage your time. With planning, you’ll be able to see some if not most of your projects through.

This is also a highly competitive season. You’ll want to be at the top of everything. Make sure this doesn’t drive you to impulsive decisions that boost your ego but jeopardize all you’ve worked for. Be very smart!

Anger and frustration might try to hold dominance but true power is slow on the theatrics. Take a bath, get some rest and start again tomorrow.

It’s still Gemini season so the intrusive air thoughts might try to light a fire with your Mars in Aries energy, but restraint is one of the highest forms of self discipline. 

Now, restraint does not mean that you turn into a doormat. You can still set your boundaries and express healthy anger. Just make sure you articulate your grievances well enough for a resolution to be possible.

Some pointers before I go;

•Watch out for raging drivers 🤣

•Limit your indulgence in risky physical activity

•Use your citrines, dragon bloods and sunstones a lot this season

•Walk into every room like you’re THAT human!

•Allow room for opinions of others 

•Do not react to triggers. Respond instead. The difference between the two is that in the earlier you are matching energy. In the latter, you are remaining grounded in your own.

•Rest. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Don’t burn out. 

•Don’t try to be the hero. Let people figure out their problems on their own.

•Prioritize yourself but don’t be self-centered.

•Better come up with the best pick up lines because Aries and Gemini energy combined equals cool kids😎

•Also unrelated, but back up your information. It’s still retrograde season. 

May the Mars passion and Mercury intelligence be with you! (Mars rules Aries and Mercury rules Gemini)

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