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This full moon/lunar eclipse focuses on helping us experience emotional relief by understanding why we have formed certain attachments. These attachments can either be to material possessions, food, toxic substances or people.

The Scorpio waters are here to offer you flow and rebirth in the stagnant areas of your life. Accepting change as a necessary and satisfying part of life. 

Both of these signs (Scorpio and Taurus) are fixed, and to them, change can sometimes be seen as a threat. But the more they evolve, the more they realize that it serves their best interests. It creates room for growth.

Self care is also stressed under this full moon. Changing our feeding habits to suit the healthy lifestyle we are attracting will boost self esteem.

Allow yourself some rest tonight and let your intuition guide you on what to do today. 

Since it’s a lunar eclipse, it is advisable to indulge in mild forms of energy work. 

Happy full moon in Scorpio.

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