Welcome To Healing with NAM.

So for some of you, working with crystals can be a challenge. I’m here to help!

Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing tips with you to make it so much easier. Make sure you follow along to catch them all!

Let’s jump straight in with Tip #1:
Carry the stone with you. This is the most common form of crystal usage. It is especially good when you’re still familiarizing yourself with the energy of the crystal. It helps you form a personal connection with the crystal, as well as allow you to benefit from its energy. Tip #2 Create a gratitude or intentions jar and keep the crystal in it. Each day, write down something you’re grateful for and insert it in your jar. At the end of the week, burn or tear the papers and do the same thing for the fresh week. The crystal charges your gratitude/intention lists, which in turn rewards you with more blessings. You can personalize this and have different gratitude jars with different crystals, each with a specific purpose. For example sunstone with intentions of beauty, freedom, and authenticity and amethyst with intentions of emotional healing, intuitive perception and sobriety.

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