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Phase 2: Crystal usage series

Recently I announced I’m doing a 5 part mini-series to help you make working with raw stones so much easier! Well, get ready because here’s phase 2 in the series.

Tip #3: For Feng shui. Now this is one of my favorite forms of usage, probably why I’ve decided to start dealing huge stones. Simply stayed, Fengshui is a Chinese form of harnessing energy through organization of a room. The energy that flows into a room is influenced by the arrangement of objects. Here, you require to keep a neat-decluttered space. Then you can place your crystal in the center of the room on a table, or in a corner, depending on its usage. For crystals that emit balanced energy(aventurine, clear Quartz, citrine), the center is always advisable. Those that are mostly known for their protective properties(black obsidian, smoky Quartz), the corner is perfect. But also remember that there’s no rules so they can be placed interchangeably. Tip #4: Meditate with the stone. One of the things you ought to incorporate into your life once you start working with crystals is meditation. This is the art of silencing the mind in order to reconnect with the present moment. Meditation is done for different purposes some of which include attracting peace, healing the chakras, and strengthening the mind. When in distress, pick your favorite crystal or one that matches the qualities you seek in the moment, and place it on your bare chest or forehead (assuming you’re lying down) and meditate. You can also create a crystal grid and lie in the middle of it and mediate. Or just place the crystal(s) in your meditation space. Remember to customize your experience.

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