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Ok! Ready for Tip #5 in the part 5 mini-series to help you make using crystal stones so much easier?

So far I’ve covered four tips which include; creating a gratitude jar with the crystal in it, carrying the stone with you, using for fengshui and meditating with the stone. Today I am covering tip #5, which is creating crystal water. Yes, you read that right. Now this is not to say the water will change form from liquid to solid, but that it will be energized with the energy of the crystal. Here, you set an intention for a crystal and then put it in a tab, basin, bucket or cup that’s filled with water (Make sure the particular crystal is compatible with water-conduct some research before you do this). Let the crystal rest for a few minutes and then extract that water and use it for what you please(conduct research before you decide to ingest it into your body). Some of the things you can use the water for are; bathing, cleaning your room, cleansing other crystals, use as holy water, washing spiritual items, clothes, utensils, or when you’re doing other spiritual activities. Next week I’ll tell you how to incorporate this activity into the full moon for further results.

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