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Phase 4: Crystal usage series

I am loving sharing with you tips to make working with crystals so much easier and today I am ready to share the 6th tip in the 5 part series!
Here we go:

6 This has everything to do with the bedroom. This is where we wind down after a long day. It is meant to be a safe space where you can find tranquility and rejuvenate for the next day. This is why it’s important that you extend your crystal work to the bedroom.

Here are some ways you can use crystals in your bedroom,

  1. Keep it under your pillow. This is especially good for people who are experiencing night mares or insomnia. It’s also a great off active to improve the sleep and clear subconscious negativity that ones has through deep sleep healing.
  2. Keep under the bed. You can choose a home protecting crystal like smoky Quartz or a calming one like amethyst. You can go for a manifestation crystal like green aventurine. Either way, make sure the place is decluttered before you place it there. The crystal the environment and offers extra mental, emotional, spiritual and physical comfort and support.
  3. Rest on the night stand. This has the same benefits as those mentioned above. Pick your favorite crystal or one you resonate with and keep it there.
  4. Put on your bed after you’ve laid it. This is perfect when using cleansing crystals like clear Quartz, dragon blood, smoky Quartz, citrine, Rose Quartz, selenite, among others. They purify the energy of the bed as well as the room and emit an aura of peace and harmony in your room.
    These tips will definitely improve your mental health when incorporated in your bedroom

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